Far East Journal of Psychology and Business
Print ISSN :- 2219-5440 Online ISSN :- 2221-8017
Indispensable to scholars, business professionals, and students, Far East Journal of Psychology and Business, Print ISSN: 2219 5440 and online ISSN: 2221 8017 has published research, analysis, and inquiry into issues of importance to the business community-from theoretical insights to empirical analyses of data and practical management strategies. Articles in Far East Journal of Psychology and Business examine emerging trends and fast-changing concerns faced by domestic and international business communities from a comprehensive range of areas, including money, banking, finance and investment, Psychology and Human Related Issues, Marketing, Security Markets, Business Economics, Accounting Practices, Social Issues and Public policy, Management Organization, Statistics and Econometrics, Administration and Management, International Trade, Industrial Relations and Labor, Business Communication, Mass Communication, History and Psychology, Cold War and Business, Inter-Cultural Encounters, Peace and Unity for Business Growth.